Flightcase-brico.com works with a unique and very attractive discount system where you receive bigger discounts the more you order.

From (excl. VAT and shipping charges): Discounts in percentages
150,00 € 2,5 %
200,00 € 5 %
250,00 € 7,5 %
300,00 € 10 %
400,00 € 12,5 %
500,00 € 15 %

These discounts may look impressive, the more so because basic prices are already very low. The reason why flightcase-brico.com can still apply these discounts, has everything to do with order processing costs (administrative tasks, packaging, packaging material, transport costs, etc.). After all, these costs decrease the higher the total order value. This is why we can give bigger discounts on bigger orders.

Flightcase-brico.com is a well-known supplier of flight case parts on the Western European market. This is because we import the parts ourselves in large numbers straight from the manufacturer, so we can get very good prices. And this is one of the cornerstones in our company strategy.

This means that every one of our customers can enjoy the best prices we are able to offer, including very competitive wholesale prices for big orders. Try it!