Flightcase-brico's confidentiality policy

At Flightcase-brico we have a strict confidentiality policy. We take your private life very seriously and process your personal information with care.

This confidentiality policy applies to Flightcase-brico and all Flightcase-brico activities. This policy is conducted in accordance with the new European GDPR legislation on the processing and protection of personal data, which is applied to all personal data collected by Flightcase-brico.

We respect the private lives of all users of the Flightcase-brico site and of all persons with whom we trade in the broadest sense and ensure that the personal information you provide is processed confidentially. We are transparent about what data we collect and why. We protect your data as a valuable asset. We do not sell your data to third parties and will not do so in the future. Below you will find out what information we collect if desired and how we handle it. This confidentiality policy explains what personal information we collect from and about you, directly or indirectly, and the ways in which we use it.

What information do we have about you?

Below you will find a list of the personal data that we may use and the data processing that we carry out with it. This data is used strictly confidentially and does not serve any purposes other than those listed here.

  • Surname, first name, title, gender, place of residence (address, zip code, city, country), VAT number, e-mail address, telephone number
  • Your browsing history on our site
  • Your shopping cart and order history at Flightcase-brico
  • Financial information if you provided it to us
  • Communications you made with us

What processing do we do with your personal data?

Depending on the purpose of the processing, this may involve the following actions: collecting, recording, inputting, storing, formatting, printing, organizing, preserving, developing, modifying, downloading/uploading, using, delivering, forwarding, distributing, making available , bringing together, relating, protecting, destroying, manual processing, mechanical processing, including in printed matter, processing in postal items, sending, other, ..

What are the purposes of these processing operations?

The mentioned processing serves the following purposes:

  • Customer management in the broadest sense
  • Management of competitions and customer orders
  • Data research and statistical purposes in the broadest sense
  • Bookkeeping
  • Communications

Is your data shared?

Your personal data may be processed by subcontractors (processors) that we have selected with the utmost care and with whom we have concluded a comprehensive agreement in accordance with the legal regulations, regardless of where the processor is located. This information sharing is necessary in the context of the various services we offer you.

Some examples of subcontractors to whom we may pass on your personal data (including the reason why):

  • Courier service (to deliver your order to you)
  • Our supplier (for example, to send your order directly from our supplier to you)

We apply strict rules, you can count on that

We strive for an optimal level of security and are committed to the following strict rules:

  • You can always inspect your processing.
  • There is always a legal basis or permission for the processing of personal data.
  • We always inform you transparently what the processes are and what they are for.
  • We do not carry out any processing other than those listed.
  • The purpose of each processing is always clear.
  • We do not use more personal data than necessary for the intended processing.
  • We always ensure accurate and available personal data.
  • We keep personal data according to strictly defined rules.
  • We apply strict rules regarding technical and organizational measures for ourselves and for each processor, in order to keep your personal data safe at all times.
  • You can always ask questions and exercise your rights of access, etc.

We apply strong security

Flightcase-brico tries to protect your personal data to the best of its ability by applying technical and organizational measures, of which a few examples follow:

  • All persons who can access your data on behalf of Flightcase-brico are bound to respect confidentiality.
  • We have a username and password policy on all our systems
  • The personal data are stored so that they can be recovered in the event of technical or physical incidents.
  • Our employees are aware of the importance of protecting personal data.

You have rights!

We apply maximum transparency and offer you the opportunity to ask us all your questions regarding the use of your personal data. Moreover, the General Data Protection Regulation offers a wide range of rights, which you can easily exercise with us. This way you can access your data at any time, have it corrected, deleted, object to processing and you have the right to limit the use of your data.

Do you have questions?

We regularly check whether we comply with this privacy policy. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, would like to exercise your right of access, object to the stored data for further processing or delete, change or transfer your data, you can contact us:

Geraardsbergsestraat 62
9660 Brakel

Or by email: info@flightcase-brico.com

To comply with such a request, we must be able to verify your identity and, where appropriate, we may ask you to provide a means of identification.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority or the Flemish Supervisory Commission, independent supervisory bodies that ensure, among other things, that the personal data is used and secured with care and that your private life remains protected in the future. See the information from the supervisors:




Flightcase-brico at Geraardsbergsestraat 62, 9660 Brakel, is responsible for this privacy policy and acts as “responsible for the processing of the personal data” that relate to you. This privacy policy is based on Belgian laws regarding privacy as well as on REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of that data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), also known as “GDPR”.

Adjustment of the confidentiality policy

Flightcase-brico reserves the right to change this confidentiality policy. The changes will then be announced on this page.