• Handles

    Flightcase handles, bar handles, briefcase handles en trolley handles

  • Corners

    Flightcase corners and corner braces

  • Aluminium extrusions

    We sell aluminum flight case profiles from Adam Hall in 2 different lengths:

    • Length 199 cm: there are higher shipping costs for the long profiles
    • Length 99 cm: these profiles can be sent at standard shipping costs
  • Catches

    Flight case butterfly catches, drawbolt catches and locks

  • Hinges

    Flight case hinges and lidstays

  • Wheels

    Swivel castors and fixed castors for flight case production

  • Tools

    Tools for building a flight case

  • Lining and foam

    Flight case lining and foam.


    When ordering foam from thickness of 1 cm (volume freight), TNT charges extra shipping costs. These are automatically included if you order such products in the webshop.

  • Other products

    Other flightcase products and accessories

  • Flush-fitting lid

    A disadvantage to the classic flight case construction method is that the lid quickly becomes quite thick, because you need both closing profiles and corner profiles. A useful alternative could be the construction method below. This way your flight case will have a "built-in" or flat lid. The thickness of the lid is thus limited to the thickness of your flight case panel.

  • Easy case

    The "Easy case" system is a special way of building a flight case. Connecting aluminum profiles and plastic corners are used. Unlike a classic flight case, you do not need rivets. The corners, profiles and 7 mm wood can simply be glued together. An "easy case" has the following advantages (compared to a classic flight case):

    • Easier and much faster to build
    • Lighter
    • Fewer or no rivets required

    In this section we have grouped a number of components that are typical of an easy case. Flightcase-brico.com also sells flight case wood of 7 mm thickness, especially for easy case.

    Step-by-step assembly instructions for building an easy case

  • Rivets
  • Sheet material

    When you make your own flight case, you have a choice for the panels between flight case wood and plastic panels. Wood is used most often. Plastic is especially interesting when your case has to be light. When it comes to wood, you still have the choice between standard poplar plywood or professional birch plywood.

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